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About PodABook

PodABook is an all-in-one podcast booking service for authors on a book promotion tour

It is the byproduct of all the knowledge and experience I've gained, combined with a deep passion for inspiring as many as possible, until I expire. My service is far more extensive than just booking you on podcasts.PodABook links you to podcasts with your IDEAL customers, and connects you directly with your new fans by building a customized process to track audiences from every podcast you featured on.With every booking process, we learn more about your audience's needs to improve our service to you, and your service to your new fans on the next podcast.

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Why Booking Authors on Podcasts For Book Promotions?

My drive to inspire is connected directly to the concept of sharing one's message. So using my expertise to help you with your mission - is my mission. As an author, you spread your passion, knowledge, inspiration, and enlightenment around any field of study, which makes us the perfect partners for the same purpose.

I am
Sean Rosenboim
Founder of 'PodABook'

Why am I here? To do the extraordinary, break any limitations, and inspire people to change in their own unique way.

I worked as a Talent Manager & a Marketing Strategist for over a year. My areas of expertise include business relations, brand awareness, marketing strategies, web design, automation, product development, and MORE.

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Sean Rosenboim

What People Had To Say About PodABook...

We value our people first, & anything else is a bonus. That's why we achieve the results and satisfaction is all around.
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Sean is a genuine value adder. He does his research, goes above and beyond, and takes whatever means necessary to enrich his clients business and life. I'd highly recommend his services!
Jordan Gross Profile image testi
Jordan Gross
Best-Selling Author & TEDx Speaker
Sean is an outstanding and charismatic person. There is no doubt in my mind that Sean can get the job done for you through his determination and smart/hard work. He is a man of his world and knows how to keep calm in times of trouble/panic.
Jay Perez testi profile
Jay Perez
Senior Client Success Consultant
Sean has the perfect combination of being an ambitious individual and a team player as well! He shows up as a very resourceful man and brings a variety of solutions to the table... Strongly recommend Sean at delivering results on projects he put his hands on!!!
Elena Mastaka testi profile
Elena Mastaka
Closer & a Hair Designer

Our Proven Process

We’ve combined  all the tools, our experience and many testing & learning campaigns
to reveal the ideal process that is going to bring you real results.

Step 1 PodABook
Information Collection
We gather the client's goals - both short & long term, current situation, and relevant tools/resources to leverage for the campaign's success. We also collect any and all branding resources, and relevant web & social presence for later use.
Step 2 PodABook
Broad Research
We look at the clients' goals, and their areas of focus and we reverse engineer the steps to achieve the best campaign. We dig deep into the most relevant areas in the market according to the ideal listener, and from there we generate a podcast reach-out list.
Step 3 PodABook
Test The Field
We approach some of the best candidates on the list as well as some newer and smaller podcasts to generate momentum towards the big whales. We try a few approaches and collect the responsiveness and success rate from that test.
Step 4 PodABook
Submit Connections & Applications
We approach everyone on the list with the best 1-2 approaches that won the test. We build relationships with prospects and lead to close. (Sometimes the close will come very easily resulting from an established relationship.)
Step 5 PodABook
Set up the agenda and position
When a prospect shows interest, we start positioning the whole interview process for success. We make sure to maximise exposure and that we haven’t missed important processes to ensure  an efficient use of time. We take care of everything so all the client has to do is show up.
Step 6 PodABook
Setup Web Design
Once the show is ready to go we get the show notes and audio recording from the host and use it to build an ideal landing page for maximisation of results. Whether that's an opt-in or a low-ticket product, we make sure to position it according to the client's goals. We then host the page on the client's website and measure the listeners that visit as it’s linked in the podcast’s show notes and shared with the host’s audience.
Step 7 PodABook
Analyse, Implement & Refine
After every single show is released, we analyse all of the results. We look at the numbers, and use them to strategize how to improve for the next interview. We then test whether the changes we made resulted in more listeners, a higher conversion or other desired results.
Step 8 PodABook
We leverage the power of previous bookings to establish new connections with influencers/show hosts that'll lead the client to their goals.
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The more repetitions, the better the results.
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How Are We Different?

At PodABook we value serving while over-delivering and differentiation above all. These principles have led us to develop a service that is anything BUT ordinary.

Target icon PodABook
Strategic Show Selection

We will book you on podcasts that your ideal client listens to, making sure to constantly up-level your game.

Earth icon PodABook
Maximize Exposure

We set up the agenda and devise the strategy to leverage the power of pure organic reach.

Magnet icon PodABook
Capture Actual Leads

We build converting landing pages for every single show, so that you can track and retarget your listeners.

Credibility icon PodABook
Position Authority

We compose your interviews' 'Questions to Ask,' powerful scripts for future communication and high-level web design, to present you as the undeniable expert in your field.

Trophy icon PodABook
Coach To Success

Our core desire is to help you strengthen your impact on the world, and expose your knowledge to as many as possible; we commit to investing our time and expertise to lead you to your desired result.

Process icon PodABook
Critical Thinking

We always have your best interest at heart.Whether related to Podcast Marketing or not, whenever we see an opportunity to over-deliver and help you fulfill your goals, we seize it.